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Wedding Day Tips

We want your special day to run as smoothly as possible. Over the years, we have come up with a few things that will help make this possible.

Detailed Itinerary

Having a detailed Itinerary of the wedding day helps both us and the photographer get exactly what we need and ensure that you get to where you need to be when you need to be there.

Keep us in the know

We have been shooting weddings for a long time but are still surprised sometimes when things happen out of the ordinary. If you have any special readings, people playing instruments, or singing taking place, please let us know so we can ensure that it is captured correctly (including audio).

If there is something (or someone) particular you want to make sure is included in the film, it’s always a good idea to let us know that too (example: a photo table of your family wedding day photos or your crazy Uncle Bob on the dance floor)

Give your video and photographers enough time

We love capturing bridal prep as it happens, rather than going back and staging things. Give you videographer and photographer enough time to truly capture those moments. The last thing you want is to be scrambling trying to get everything ready for the ceremony and miss some important shots.

Also try to schedule some time after the ceremony (preferably close to sunset or during the golden hour) to take a few couples portraits. This is where we get some of our favorite shots of the day, plus it’s a moment for you and your new spouse to decompress and have some time without all the chaos.

Natural Light

Choose a location to get ready for your big day that is not only a pretty room, but has plenty of natural lighting.

The videographers AND the photographers will thank you. And your final product will look fantastic.

First Look

Some people love the tradition of not seeing the bride until she walks down the aisle and that is perfectly fine.

However, having an intimate first look before the wedding allows you and your fiancé to

have a moment together, to forget about all of the stress, and just hold each other. It also helps us tell a great story and adds to the romanticism of your video.

Fewest Locations possible

Single locations are amazing! We understand that it is not always possible. Just keep in mind, the more time we spend in our vehicles traveling from location to location, the less time we have focusing on getting the perfect shots of your wedding day.


Personal vows and letter exchanges really help us tell your love story in our films.

Sometimes it is good to actually write the letter on the day of your wedding during your bridal prep. The emotion of your thoughts and feelings on your wedding day spill onto the page and we can capture shots of you writing the letter, further adding to the story.

Great DJ

A good DJ can make or break your reception. Spend some time researching DJs to find one that meets your style. The DJ is the lifeblood of your reception. They don’t just play music, they are your Master of Ceremonies that keeps the evening on pace and can be the difference between a dance floor filled with your loved ones or an awkward middle school dance vibe. ***We love awesome bands too!

First Dance

You have SO much to tell your now husband or wife and this is maybe the first

opportunity to do so, but please, talk at dinner. Keep your first dance romantic and intimate. Try not to spend the entire first dance talking about the craziness of the day or belting out the words to the song you two love so much. Slow motion of looking into each other's eyes, hugging, twirling, and kissing look incredible….slow motion of your husband telling you his best man was 2 hours late…not so much.

Bouquet/garter toss, cake cutting

We do our best to be on top of it and communicate with the DJ and coordinator, but sometimes they forget about us and start a main event without letting us know. During the bouquet and garter toss, please make sure we are ready before chunking your flowers. We’ll give you a thumbs up when we’re ready for you to throw. Same idea with the cake cutting!


DO: act like nobody else is there, throw your hands up in celebration, get one last kiss (and dip!) before getting in the car to head off to your destination.

DON’T: Stop and talk to your best friend, give everyone a high five, talk to your parents and grandparents, etc.

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